Features & Overviews

To simplify your tax compliances and accounting needs, we at Colossus Nexus have developed eAccTax - a comprehensive one-stop solution for all your corporate audits, compliances, assessments and appeals!

  • It covers all and everything

    - Form inventory till assessment

    - Maps GST number of supplier in the Return

  • It's very simple and easy; yet through

    - Easy for preparing GST Returns

    - Automation of GST invoices

  • Browser Compatible

    - Multiple entries become single point, and storage of information is web-based and easily accessed. Mastering the art of data transformations, match making and investigations.

  • It's your Productivity Booster

    - Ideal for all tax professionals and businessmen

    - Automation of compliance charts

  • It's absolutely Hassle Free

    - Available 24/7, accesible from anywhere

    - Data backup for multi year

  • Lifetime Update

    - The eAccTax platform is entirely cloud-based relieving your offline databases to handle the information that you always have access to the important stuff and never lose it.


“eAccTax” was developed with the intention of monitoring the actual inventory and also the actions of the management and directors mitigating (making less harmful or lessening the pain) risks which may stem from the misdeeds within an organisation. eAccTax is a completely customizable finance management software . Now you can easily control all your clients and finances through a dedicated dashboard.


For all your enterprise resource management (ERP) needs and to maintain your invoices and simplify your Goods & Services Tax (GST) returns, filing, compliance and accounting needs, we at Colossus Nexus have developed Indtaxpert - an intelligent one-stop fintech solution to keep track of all your inventory, stock, invoices, purchases & purchase orders (POs), sales & sales orders (SOs) and GST filings.

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