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Colossus Nexus is an IT solutions consultancy that aims to establish a baseline to plan, implement and measure the requirements of clients across multiple industries & sectors. Colossus Nexus is where business solutions meet modern technology. At Colossus Nexus, we establish a baseline to plan, implement, and measure the requirements of the client. We have also developed two proprietary path-breaking Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) platforms for business process management and company tax compliance: eAccTax and Indtaxpert. With intelligent approaches tried and tested over years across sectors, our team of experts tailor solutions to meet requirements and deliver results. Our proprietary platforms also enable your organization to use a system of integrated applications to manage your business and automate many back office functions in real-time, especially those related to billing, accountancy, taxation & tax filing. domain specific research based development group. Our niche is Intranet Management and Web Applications. Our team has decades of experience in building applications and products with cutting edge technology.

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We are a completely customer-focused company. We believe in deep engagements with our customers to understand their problems and in maintaining great relationships. We believe that every single one of our customers has to be reference-able. We always travel that extra mile to achieve this. If you need to manage and automate your business processes to squeeze the last drop of value out of your products and services, you’ve come to the right place!

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