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Colossus Nexus is an IT solutions consultancy that aims to establish a baseline to plan, implement and measure the requirements of clients across multiple industries & sectors. Colossus Nexus is where business solutions meet modern technology. At Colossus Nexus, we establish a baseline to plan, implement, and measure the requirements of the client. We have also developed two proprietary path-breaking Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) platforms for business process management and company tax compliance: eAccTax and Indtaxpert. With intelligent approaches tried and tested over years across sectors, our team of experts tailor solutions to meet requirements and deliver results. Our proprietary platforms also enable your organization to use a system of integrated applications to manage your business and automate many back office functions in real-time, especially those related to billing, accountancy, taxation & tax filing. domain specific research based development group. Our niche is Intranet Management and Web Applications. Our team has decades of experience in building applications and products with cutting edge technology.

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We are a completely customer-focused company. We believe in deep engagements with our customers to understand their problems and in maintaining great relationships. We believe that every single one of our customers has to be reference-able. We always travel that extra mile to achieve this. If you need to manage and automate your business processes to squeeze the last drop of value out of your products and services, you’ve come to the right place!

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AI Automation

Harness the power of Artificial Intelligence with Robotic Process Automation, Machine Learning (ML), and Natural Learning Process (NLP) to automate high-level tasks and maximise efficiency.

Our advanced IT tools & techniques go beyond screen scraping, workflow automation, and traditional artificial intelligence, allowing the software to aggregate data, trigger responses, and initiate unique actions and chain sequences.

Mobile App developement

Create and launch user-friendly apps with intuitively designed User Interfaces (UI) perfectly adjusted for a smooth User Experience (UX) to let end-consumers experience your products & services fully.

Released globally through the Google Play Store and Apple Store, we design all apps with a cloud-first approach to enable easy updates and for you to stay in touch with customers via quick push-notifications and detailed data collection.

Digital e-commerce

Enter the digital era of commerce and exponential sales by listing your products & services online and landing your brand directly in the hands and minds of everyday consumers - via smartphones.

Whether it’s domestic or international, B2B or B2C - our comprehensive e-commerce solutions enable you to cover the widest range of potential sales and customers.

Agile Devops

Combine best practices and tools to increase your ability to deliver applications and services rapidly while evolving and improving products at a faster pace than competitors using traditional software development and infrastructure management processes.

Our iterative approach focuses on collaboration, customer feedback, and small, high-speed releases by bringing development and operations teams together to manage complex projects and end-to-end engineering processes.

Beautiful Websites

We are a completely customer-focused company. We believe in deep engagements with our customers to understand their problems and in maintaining great relationships.

  • Design
  • Development
  • Icons & PSD
  • Limitless Colors
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Features & Overviews

To simplify your tax compliances and accounting needs, we at Colossus Nexus have developed eAccTax - a comprehensive one-stop solution for all your corporate audits, compliances, assessments and appeals!

  • It covers all and everything

    - Form inventory till assessment

    - Maps GST number of supplier in the Return

  • It's very simple and easy; yet through

    - Easy for preparing GST Returns

    - Automation of GST invoices

  • Browser Compatible

    - Multiple entries become single point, and storage of information is web-based and easily accessed. Mastering the art of data transformations, match making and investigations.

  • It's your Productivity Booster

    - Ideal for all tax professionals and businessmen

    - Automation of compliance charts

  • It's absolutely Hassle Free

    - Available 24/7, accesible from anywhere

    - Data backup for multi year

  • Lifetime Update

    - The eAccTax platform is entirely cloud-based relieving your offline databases to handle the information that you always have access to the important stuff and never lose it.


“We started out by using e-AccTax as a solution for our tax needs, but it fulfilled more than just our requirements. Today, our organization runs smoothly and all our paperwork is done through the system.The service provided by Colossus is great. Hats off to the team.”

- VP (Marketing) of a Manufacturing company in Pune.

“The team at Colossus Nexus is young and very dynamic. This shows in their ideas and suggestions. As a growing e-commerce company, it is a necessity for us to work with new trends and ideas. This is exactly where our wavelengths match.”

- Head of Operations, of an upcoming e-commerce site from Mumbai.

“E-AccTax is exactly what we were looking out for. It has not only reduced our burden of GST and Invoices, but has helped us with a complete makeover in the way we function. I definitely recommend them.”

- Plant Head of an established Automotive Spare Parts Manufacturing Unit in Pune.